AUEB International is an initiative that aims to strengthen and support international relationships and cooperation among AUEB University and members of the academic community with external parties, mainly from other countries. It also aims to promote AUEB activities and programs, like Erasmus+. Its main scope is to facilitate AUEB faculty members to cooperate with interesting third parties, facilitate AUEB International Graduate Programs to receive requests from abroad and support Erasmus+ students starting their studies. AUEB International provides a set of e-Services as follows:

  • Promotion of the academic community member profiles (faculty members, students, administrative and other personnel) through AUEB Profiles e-Service
  • On line requests to cooperate with AUEB faculty members based on their research interests
  • Promotion of AUEB Graduate Programs through AUEB Profiles e-Service and an advanced on-line search engine
  • On line requests for various topics and cooperation with AUEB International Graduate Programs
  • Program Erasmus+ On line Student Application Form to support outgoing AUEB Erasmus+ students to apply for studying abroad
  • Electronic facilities for Universities abroad to register incoming students to AUEB Program Erasmus+
  • Electronic facilities for incoming students to AUEB Program Erasmus+ to start their studies in AUEB University